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  • In which countries are you active?
    🇭🇷 Croatia 🇧🇦 Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇷🇸 Serbia 🇲🇪 Montenegro 🇦🇱 Albania 🇲🇰 North Macedonia 🇧🇬 Bulgaria --- 🇸🇮 Slovenia/Ljubljana (on request) 🇬🇷 Greece (on request) 🇽🇰 Kosovo (on request) 🇷🇴 Romania/Bucharest (on request)
  • Does Balkan Travel Support also have an office in the region?
    Yes, since September 2022 I am the proud owner of a beautiful house/office on a plot with a lot of potential. The location is close to Novi Sad and all Balkan Travel Support destinations can be reached within a day.
  • Why are there no prices for the Itinerary services?
    Balkan Travel Support is demand-driven: you will receive a proposal based on your wishes. Of course we take your budget into account and we will always respect it. By offering different options with different price tags, we always arrive at a plan that works well. Combine this with great value for money on your trip, and we've got a win-win!
  • Do you also handle last minute requests?
    Of course you can, but it is not the most ideal way of working. Balkan Travel Support wants to offer quality, and not rush things. If we plan the introduction 2 months before departure, that would be nice.
  • Have you been facilitating travel to the Balkans for a long time?
    10 years unofficial, now official and for a somewhat broader target group: adult travelers who are open to discovering the Balkans in a completely personalized and affordable way! Under the heading 'reviews' you can read experiences of Balkan Travel Support travelers.
  • How would you describe the local population?
    Based on my personal experience over the past few years, I would describe the local population as follows; people in the balkans are very friendly, empathetic, hospitable, reliable, enthusiastic and genuinely want to show their city/country to every guest. Are you excited about this? Then a trip to the Balkans could be just the thing for you!
  • What does my trip mean (financially) for the local population?
    First of all, locals will welcome you with open arms and will be happy to tell you more about their life or passion. In addition, I make sure that all people in my network (whether self-employed, small businesses, landlords, etc.) receive a fair price for the services provided. I will always first ask the local concerned what they charge, compare this with my knowledge of the local prices and then ensure a win-win; good for the local, good for you, and a fair fee for me (based on the time I spend per assignment). Because the average price level in the Balkans is 20-30% lower than in the Netherlands, I can provide value for money without anyone being the victim. Beautiful, isn't it?
  • Why don't you offer standard trips on your website?
    Because my services are based on an important principle; I work question sent. With a standardized offer you ignore a lot of nuances and opportunities that give me energy; create something new that really suits you as a person and traveler. Pre-packaged trips pass this by in my opinion.
  • What's the weather like in the Balkans?
    The Balkans are large, with many different types of nature. But in general there is a continental climate. And that's good news! In winter it can be cold, but otherwise you can count on above average good weather from February to November. 😎
  • Do you also speak the language?
    Somewhat :) I studied Serbian for 2 semesters at the University of Novi Sad and followed 2 more language courses over the years at the People's University of The Hague. This language is not only spoken in Serbia, but also in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. This has laid a nice foundation to be able to have at least basic conversations. Step by step I'm moving forward :)
  • I am vegetarian. Will that be ok during my trip?
    More and more restaurants are offering vegetarian options in the Balkans, and the awareness of the demand for this option is also growing. Sometimes you will have to be a bit creative, as most main dishes contain meat/fish, but I also have friends who are vegetarian and together with the professional waiters we always find a solution. As your personal travel advisor, I will of course include this in the plans we make together. A good example was during the planning of our wedding; our hosts and hostesses were surprised by our request (vegetarian options and not too large portions) but in the end, the good restaurants want the best for their customers and they simply think along with solutions.
  • Who is Nick? Or was it Nicholas?
    Very fair question! My name is Niek, born and raised in the Netherlands. 10 years ago I decided to take the plunge and bought a one-way ticket to Serbia. I always really wanted to live abroad for a year, and finally saw the chance. I chose Novi Sad at the time because it is a medium-sized city (I myself am a little less of the megacities), was on the Danube and against a national park. Fortunately, this turned out to be a hit :) To this day, this remains my base in the balkan region and the location is perfect.
  • Can I ask you everything?
    Yes, you can! I like transparency and short lines, so feel free to ask questions!
  • Why Serbia/The Balkans?
    Good question, and a fairly simple answer: why not? Having such an exceptional region in Europe just a stone's throw away was reason enough for me to head in that direction, and above all: to discover! Actually, from my first trip in 2011 I was immediately sold.
  • Did you get married there? Is your wife from Serbia then?
    No, my wife Ellen is as Zeeland as anything. Fortunately, from the beginning that we were together (2014, when I came back from a year in Novi Sad) she also started to love Serbia and surrounding countries! And indeed, that led to the plan to celebrate our wedding there. One of the best weekends of our lives!
  • Do you work as a guide yourself?
    Not in principle, but there are quite a few people who are interested in Novi Sad (Serbia) and the surrounding area. Then of course I'll be there :)
  • Algemene voorwaarden
    Alle Balkan Travel Support reizen geschieden op eigen risico van de desbetreffende reiziger. Alle Balkan Travel Support activiteiten geschieden op eigen risico van de desbetreffende reiziger. Balkan Travel Support verleent geen reisverzekering, verantwoordelijkheid hiervoor ligt bij desbetreffende reiziger. Balkan Travel Support adviseert sterk om niet zonder reisverzekering op reis te gaan. Balkan Travel Support verleent geen pechhulp, verantwoordelijkheid ligt hiervoor bij desbetreffende reiziger en chauffeur van eigen voertuig. Balkan Travel Support sluit i.o.m. de reiziger een verzekering af voor gehuurde voertuigen. Afhandeling van calamiteiten tijdens de reis met gehuurd voertuig wordt door reiziger en verhurende partij afgehandeld. Balkan Travel Support ondersteunt waar mogelijk. Balkan Travel Support is niet aansprakelijk voor geannuleerde vluchten. Afhandeling van annuleringen geschiedt tussen reiziger en vliegtuigmaatschappij. Balkan Travel Support ondersteunt waar mogelijk. Reisgezelschappen gaan akkoord met bovenstaande voorwaarden door voldoen van desbetreffende factuur, waarin naar deze voorwaarden verwezen wordt.
  • Annuleringsvoorwaarden Reispakket Compleet
    Tot 2 maanden voor vertrek; al je geld terug m.u.v. vergoeding van 300,- voor reeds opgeleverde en complete persoonlijke reisplan voor reizen van maximaal 21 dagen. Voor elke week die daar bij komt wordt er 100,- aanvullende advieskosten gerekend. Voorbeeldje; heb je een opgeleverd en compleet persoonlijk reisplan ontvangen voor een reis van 4 weken, ná je betaling, en annuleer je tot 2 maanden voor je vertrek, dan is 400,- niet restitueerbaar.* Tot 1 maand voor vertrek; 60% van je geld terug.* Minder dan 14 dagen voor vertrek; als je in deze periode jouw reis annuleert is restitutie helaas niet mogelijk.* *LET OP: Zijn door Balkan Travel Support vooraf geboekte vliegtickets ook onderdeel van je reis, dan zijn deze niet restitueerbaar. Daarnaast is Balkan Travel Support niet aansprakelijk voor wijzigingen in het vluchtschema vanuit de vliegtuigmaatschappij of aanpassingen i.v.m. extreme weersomstandigheden. We zoeken uiteraard wel samen een goede oplossing bij deze vorm van overmacht. Door betaling van de reis ga je akkoord met bovenstaande voorwaarden.
  • Trip cancellation policy
    Up to 31 days before departure; all your money back. Up to 14 days before departure; 70% of your money back. Less than 14 days before departure; if you cancel your trip during this period, a refund is unfortunately not possible.
  • Cancellation policy weekend away
    Up to 31 days; full refund Up to 14 days; 70% of the total amount back. Less than 14 days to departure; if canceled at such short notice, refund is unfortunately not possible. Why these conditions? To protect my partners in the region against unexpected loss of income.
  • Annuleringsvoorwaarden Whatsapp Travel Support Service
    Kosteloos annuleren tot 14 dagen vertrek. Bij annulering tussen 7 en 14 dagen voor vertrek; 70% restitutie van aankoopebedrag. Bij annulering van minder dan 7 dagen voor vertrek; helaas geen restitutie mogelijk.
  • Tour Cancellation Policy
    Up to 31 days; full refund Up to 14 days; 70% of the total amount back. Less than 14 days to departure; if canceled at such short notice, refund is unfortunately not possible. Why these conditions? To protect my partners in the region against unexpected loss of income.
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